Emergency Water Line Repair Work

A work crew will be repairing a broken water line valve near the intersection of W. Jackson Ave. and N. 7th Ave. tonight. The work is scheduled to begin after midnight. Residents in the area may lose water service between midnight and 4 am. We regret  any inconvenience this may cause anyone. We have scheduled the work at night to interfere with as few customers as practical.

Notices to affected properties are being hand-delivered, but due to the nature of this repair work it is possible that not everyone will receive a notice that is affected, and some may receive a notice and not be affected by the interruption of service.

Once service is restored we recommend that you run your cold water bathtub or shower faucet for a few minutes to clear any sand or other debris that may be stirred-up by the repairs. If you continue to have “dingy” water after 10-15 minutes please call Town Hall during regular business hours (336) 427-0241. You may also want to check the screens in other faucets.