Mayodan Loose Leaf Collection

OCTOBER 19, 2017:

Loose leaf collection will begin Monday, October 30th and run through the end of January

The Route will begin on 13th Avenue and move down through the Avenues to 1st Avenue (West to East). The route then continues on Roosevelt Street up to Wilkins Street (South to North). the route finishes on Ayersville and Turner roads, and the side streets. The crew will make 3 complete passes through Town.

Please DO NOT place branches, sticks, grass or other trash in your leaf piles – we use a vacuum system and can not pick up leaves with brush or other materials. Grass clippings must be bagged all year round.

Also, we can not pick up leaves under or near vehicles parked on the street. Leaves should be raked to the back of the curb and not put in the street. Leaves in the street can lead to street flooding during heavy rain events.

Look for the signs below to let you know when we are close to your property. Updates will also be posted on social media and website.