RFP for Washington Mills Clean-Up phase 1

The Town of Mayodan is seeking companies or individuals that are interested in submitting a bid for two related projects at the Washington Mills demolition site.

Grinding and removal of wood products

Loading of building debris for removal, with option to haul materials

Companies may chose to bid on one or both of the RFPs, each will be considered separately. However, it should be clear in pricing whether there is a discount for the award of both contracts to the same company.

Vendors are required to have visited the site. Arrangements for site visit may be made through the Town Manager’s office.

Bids must be in our office (Town Hall, 210 West Main Street, Mayodan NC 27027) by 2:00 pm Friday December 29, 2017. The intent is to award the contract in mid-January. All questions should be directed to Michael Brandt, Town Manager, (336) 427-0241.