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To Contact Town Administrative offices, including the Town Manager, Town Clerk, Finance Officer, or Utility Billing please call (336) 427-0241.  For Public Utilities including water, sewer, sanitation, recycling, and streets please call (336) 427-0243.  For other departments or services refer to the number of email below.

Michael M. Brandt, AICP
Town Manager, Administration
(336) 427-0241

Phil Berger
Contract Town Attorney
Leave a message with the Town Clerk (336) 427-0241

Lessa Hopper, NC-CMC, IIMC-CMC
Town Clerk, Finance
(336) 427-0241

Randy Case
Finance Officer, Finance
(336) 427-0241

Donna Bennett
Collections Clerk/GIS Coordinator, Water Dept.
(336) 427-0241

Charles Caruso
Police Chief, Police
(336) 548-6038

Bryant Garner
Fire Chief, Fire Department
(336) 427-5977

Joey Hudy
Interim Public Utilities Director, Public Utilities Department
(336) 427-0243

Michael Sears
Water Plant Supervisor, Water Plant
(336) 427-3339

Quint Haley
Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Parks and Recreation