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Mayodan is a full-service town providing administration, public water and sewer, fire and police protection, solid waste collection and recycling, street maintenance, municipal cemetery, planning and development, and parks and recreation.

The Town Council is responsible for hiring a Town Manager that is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town.  Staff pride themselves on providing the citizens of the community with cost-effective services in a friendly, small-town manner, that puts the citizen first.



James A. Collins Municipal Building

James A. Collins Municipal Building
210 West Main St.
Mayodan, NC 27027

The Administrative Department is led by the Town Manager who oversees and supports all of the other departments of the Town.  The department is directly responsible for Planning and Development, Grant Administration, Economic Development, and Personnel.

Public Works

public_worksThe Public Works Department includes the following divisions: Water, Sewer, Sanitation, Streets, and Cemeteries. The Water Plant and Sewer Plant are separate departments.

Mayodan provides solid waste, leaf and lawn debris, and recycling services to all town residential properties and commercial properties that do not require a dumpster.  For more information about each service select a link below.

For more information about Town solid waste services see this brochure.

Water Division:

This Division is responsible for water billing, water meter installation, water line maintenance, repair, and replacement of town water lines. The Public Works Director oversees the operations of the division.

Backflow Preventer Test Report

Chapter 6, Section 6.19 Quality of Public Potable Water Supply (Cross Connection)

Sewer Division:
The Sewer Division is responsible for maintaining all of the sewer lines (AKA Collection System) within Mayodan.  This includes all of the pump lift stations, manholes, and aerial lines.  The Division keeps the lines clean of grease and waste which allows the system to work effectively and efficiently.

Customers include residents, businesses, and industrial users.  Each customer is responsible for maintaining the lines within their building and on their private property until the sewage enters the public system.  Some businesses, such as restaurants, must have grease traps to remove extra grease and debris that can cause the lines to become clogged, leading to sewerage spills.  Many industrial users must provide pretreatment for their waste water, removing chemicals from the waste before it enters the public system.All of the sewerage lines eventually flow into the Mayodan Wastewater Treatment plant located on the eastern side of the Mayo River.

Collection System Performance – 2016/2017

Collection System Performance – 2015/2016

Collection System Performance – 2014/2015
Collection System Performance – 2012/2013


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Mayodan Police

Visit the Mayodan Police Department here.

Mayodan Fire Department

fire_WebThe Mayodan Fire Department is staffed with over 20 volunteers that dedicate their time and effort to protecting citizens and property from fires and other emergencies including auto wrecks and natural disasters.  The Department is always interested in recruiting new volunteers please contact the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief for more information.

100 North Ayersville Rd
Mayodan, NC 27027

For emergencies please call 911
(non-emergency) 336.427.5977
Fire Chief                      
Bryant Garner
Assistant Fire Chief
Cliff Ellington

Water Plant

Mayodan Water PlantThe Water Plant is able to produce over 3 million gallons of clean water for the citizens and industry of Mayodan.  Currently, the plant produces approximately 500,000 gallons daily.  The source for our water is the Mayo River.  Mayodan sells water to Stoneville and is interconnected with Madison.  This interconnection is important because Madison draws its’ water from the Dan River, this helps to protect the two towns from drought or other emergency.

The Water Plant staff perform a variety of daily and monthly tests to insure that Mayodan’s water meets the high standards of North Carolina and the federal government.

Annually, the Town produces a water quality report that is mailed to all water users.  You may download a copy below.

Attached Document or FileNC Department of Enivronment & Natural Resources Link to division of Water Resources
2013 Drinking Water Quality Report State required report on the quality of the Town’s water for consumption
2012 Mayodan Water Quality Report State required report on the quality of the Town’s water for consumption
2011 Drinking Water Quality Report State required annual report on the quality of Mayodan’s drinking water.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Mayodan contracts the operations of the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) to Suez Environment/United Water.  The plant is essentially a regional facility serving the needs of Mayodan and the towns of Madison and Stoneville under contract.

The WWTP is an extended aeration activated sludge treatment plant, processing a combination of industrial and domestic waste water.  The treatment scheme includes influent bar screens, an influent lift station, three aeration basins and secondary clarifiers.  The treated water is chlorinated and de-chlorinated, prior to discharge to the Mayo River.  Excess biological sludge is thickened in one of two gravity thickeners and subsequently digested in an aerobic digester.  The stabilized sludge is then land applied (on permitted sites) either as a liquid directly from the digester or it may be de-watered (prior to land application) on the sand drying beds and then land applied.

The plant can process 4.5 million gallons of sewerage per day.