Fats, Oils & Grease
Have you ever had your wastewater drains plug up and back up into your home?
Disposing of fats, oils and grease down the kitchen sink can cause grease blockages. Over time grease builds up inside the pipes that connect your home to the sanitary sewer. This build up can cause a sanitary sewer over flow and can be detrimental to our environment.
Grease Blockage Prevention Steps
These problems can be eliminated with your help. You can reduce the chance of a grease related blockage by following these simple steps:
Do not pour cooking grease down the sink.
Use paper towels to wipe off plates and kitchen utensils.
Scrape all food scraps into garbage can and not into a garbage disposal.
Pour cooking grease into a container to solidify and dispose of container in trashcan.
Conserve Water
Garbage disposals use large amounts of water during operation. By eliminating the use of your garbage disposal, you can not only reduce the chances of a sewer line blockage, but also reduce your water and sewer bills.We all live in an Environmentally Sensitive Area and by using these steps we can help preserve our environment.