Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the fiscal health of the Town of Mayodan. The Finance Department consists of the Finance Director and the Utility Billing Clerk/Customer Service Representative that are responsible for the disbursement and accounting of all Town Revenues and Expenditures and Utility Billing.

Utility Billing for residential customers occurs every two months and consists of Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste Collection. Your bill is payable on or before the due date listed on the bill. After the due date a 10% late fee is charged to the account. Utility payments can be paid by cash, check, credit or debit card either at Town Hall, by mail, or online.  Mail payments to: Town of Mayodan, 210 W Main Street, Mayodan, NC 27027. 


Budget Ordinance FY 2023-2024

Budget Ordinance FY 2022-2023

Budget Ordinance FY 2021-2022

Budget Ordinance FY 2020-2021

Budget Ordinance FY 2019-2020


Annual Audit FY 2022-2023

Annual Audit FY 2021-2022

Annual Audit FY 2020-2021

Annual Audit FY 2019-2020

Annual Audit FY 2018-2019


2023-2024 Fee Schedule