The Town of Mayodan Code of Ordinances was amended by Town Council with respect to the Golf Cart Ordinance. The attached document is the current ordinance with amendments. We ask that if you are the owner of a golf cart or are thinking about purchasing a golf cart for use in the Town of Mayodan, that you read the ordinance carefully. All golf carts must be inspected by Mayodan Police annually and have an issued permit registration affixed to the cart after payment of the annual fee. Ordinances require that golf carts must yield to regular vehicular traffic. Golf cart owners/drivers not in compliance with the ordinances or violating the town ordinance or N. C. state vehicular traffic laws will be issued a traffic citation which carries a penalty, if convicted, of a fine and court costs/attorney fees.

Please be safe in the use of a golf cart on the town streets and avenues. If you have questions, please contact the Town Hall Administrative Office at 336.427.0241.