Welcome to Hayodan!

What started as a lark a couple of years ago has grown into a fun way to celebrate the fall season with an eclectic, community-wide, unique event we dubbed – “Hayodan”.  Businesses-big and small, town departments, and others throughout the community design and decorate large hay bales and put them on display as temporary “public art” around the community.  Everyone is then invited to tour the community looking for their favorites.

To download the 2017 Hayodan map click here.

In March 2017 the Town of Mayodan and the Downtown Mayodan Merchants Association were recognized by the NC Main Street program with an Award of Merit for Hayodan. To see the winning video presentation click here.

Stay-Puff “Hay”-Mallow Man

Roasting “Hay”-Mallow

2015 People’s Choice Award