Welcome to the Town of Mayodan, North Carolina.  Mayodan is located in the northern Piedmont area in the Mayo River valley, just north of its confluence with the Dan River (hence our unique name “Mayodan”).  Our mill town roots can be seen in our historic mill village houses and quaint downtown commercial area.

Manufacturing plays an important part of our present and future.  Frontier Spinning and McMichael Mills continue to produce yarns for the textile industry, and Sturm, Ruger, & Co.  In addition, other businesses that call Mayodan home are Bridgestone Aircraft Tire, WalMart, and Lowes Home Improvement.  For a more leisurely shopping experience, come join us Saturdays and Wednesdays at the Farmers Market or in Downtown Mayodan for locally owned shops and restaurants.

The Mayo River has always played an important part of our history for electric power, drinking water, and a plentiful water supply for our industries.  It’s continued importance as a recreational and tourist amenity can be seen in the development of the Mayo River State Park.

So, if you are looking for a place to put down roots, whether for a convenient, affordable, home or a place to build a business, take a closer look at Mayodan.