The Town of Mayodan Administrative Offices are located in Town Hall and include the offices of the Town Manager and Town Clerk. The Town's Code of Ordinances is maintained by the Town Clerk and questions about Town Ordinances can be answered through this office.

Mayodan is governed by a Manager-Council form of government where the Town Manager is responsible for the day to day functions of the government. The Town Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Town, implementing all policies, programs and ordinances as adopted by the Council. The Town Manager is responsible for the administration of all personnel matters and directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Town. The Town Manager evaluates any concerns within the community and attempts to find solutions to those problems.

The Town Clerk is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all Town Council meetings as well as recording all ordinances, resolutions, motions and votes made by the Council. The Clerk also advertises all public meetings and hearings and compiles and distributes the Council agendas, which are available prior to the Council’s regular meeting. The Clerk also serves as an information liaison for the public and the media.